Monday, April 27, 2015

Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold - Tamara Dobson (1975) - Aberdeen Harbour

I've got a few Shatter posts pending now courtesy of the indefatigable Thomas Ngan, but before I do those I thought I should kick off the next film on the agenda - Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold. Another big thanks to AP for supplying me with the original film and once again, another co-production with Shaws (this time with Warners) that has a few nice new places to see. However, this being an 'internatiuonal' film means that someone somewhere had to squeeze in a bit of Aberdeen. Actually, by a bit of Aberdeen I actually mean A LOT. So I will dedicate several posts to the place starting with this introductory pan from west to east.

It's such a nice sequence that I have tried to join it together. Unfortunately anything more than two pictures at a time turned out a bit messy. But anyway, here are the snaps.

As you can see, the camera has caught pretty much the whole of the harbour stretching all the way from its western entrance (top picture where you can just see the sea wall of the old power station jutting out on the left hand side), all the way to the east (bottom picture with Brick Hill on the top left - now the location of Ocean Park's cable car). Of course the camera is position on the Hong Kong side of the harbour so we are actually looking south over to Ap Lei Chau. But there is lots of nice detail in there including both the Tai Pak and Sea Palace as well as a couple of the smaller restaurants that seem to be less well remembered compared to their extravagantly decorated neighbours.

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