Saturday, March 7, 2015

That Man Bolt - Fred Williamson (1973) - R.M.S Queen Elizabeth, Victoria Harbour

A year before Roger Moore made The Man with the Golden Gun which used the RMS Queen Elizabeth as a secret office of the British Intelligence Services, we can see it in the background of one of the scenes when Bolt meets Griffith's way out on a boat in the harbour.

Actually, seeing as the thing caught fire in January 1972, I imagine these pictures were taken not that long after the "accidentally-on-purpose" accident - well perhaps less than a year at least.

Now, we know the approximate position of where the wreck was towed to following the fire thanks to looking at it previously (somewhere under Tsing Yi's more recently reclaimed Container Terminal #9 on its SE tip), which would make the area where the boat is somewhere between Tsing Yi and Stonecutters Island - the lower/southern end of Rambler Channel.

However, it's always nice to have a bit of extra confirmation and we get this with a couple of extra shots that show Mei Foo Sun Chuen in the background (see below behind Fred's head).

And also a quick look over to what I believe must be Stonecutters Island (due to its rather low profile) with HK in the far background.

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