Monday, March 23, 2015

Shatter - Stuart Whitman (1974) - Princess Margaret Road, Ho Man Tin

A brief glimpse during the credits of the area just north of Hung Hom train station, in fact covering a bit of the road system we saw a short time ago when looking at That Man Bolt.

This bit is from the opening credits as Shatter is in a cab on the way to see he contractor. We see the car, from a distance, driving down Princess Margaret Road as it passes the eastern side of King's Park. Unfortunately it's impossible for me to recreate this same view using Streetview, because it looks as though the camera was mounted somewhere along Chung Hau Street. However, looking at the top screen grab there is a building we have encountered before: it's the British Military Hospital in Kowloon and can be seen far left in the picture below.

In case you need a reminder, it was used in an episode of Yellowthread Street that I covered last year. These days the site contains a rather large residential development called Parc Palais.

The bottom picture is at the end of a right to left pan and shows the subject car driving up the entry ramp onto what becomes Chatham Road South near to the intersection with Gascoigne Road. Here's a Streetview taken from the same road the car is travelling along, looking back north towards the KCR tunnel we can see in the top picture (with Parc Palais at the back).

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