Thursday, February 26, 2015

That Man Bolt - Fred Williamson (1973) - Aberdeen Harbour - flipped again!

Another later shot taken from the skies above Aberdeen Harbour, this time from the western end. But look closely and you'll see there is something funny about this view too...

 ...yup, another horizontal flip. For those unfamiliar with Aberdeen geography the old Aberdeen Power Station that can be seen lower left, was on the westerly tip of Ap Lei Chau - now the site of the South Horizons development. The angle on the sea wall next to the oil/gas containers can still be seen today in front of Phase 1 of the development (where blocks 3 and 1 currently stand).

The reclamation occurring on the opposite side of the harbour has some long-roofed structures at the top, this is the Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market and the market building, along with the Aberdeen Fisheries and Marine Office just below it, are still around. The rest of the reclamation became the Tin Wan Praya Road and cold storage facilities.

Look carefully in the distance and you will make out the yellow-coloured building that was previously identified Aberdeen Harbour Mansion, it's reasonably prominent on the lower picture and its possible to see the Shek Pai Wan housing estate behind it (to the right on the screen grab). Anyway, once again, I have no idea why the film has been flipped but I have flipped it back and you can see what the film should have looked like below.

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