Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Emmanuelle 2 - Sylvia Kristel (1975) - Chung Shan Ferry

In the second installment (Emmanuelle 2 a.k.a Emmanuelle: L'antivierge) of Sylvia Kristel's outing as the titular character, we see her arrive at our fair shores on a boat called the 'Chung Shan' (松山 in Chinese).

It appears this was the real name of a boat that shuttled around the local waters. Originally built in 1950 and called the 'Tai Loy', it was renamed in 1968 to the 'Chung Shan' and later still to the romantic name of 'Hong Xing 801' on being sold to the Chinese Govt in 1978.

According to some blurb I found online, the HK Maritime Museum has a model of this vessel somewhere, so I may pop down one day and hunt it down. In the meantime, you can make do with some reasonable views of her from the film.

On deck

Chung Shan (read R>L)


  1. There is indeed a model of Tai Loy / Chung Shan in the Maritime Museum. Here it is:


    (Not my picture, but I do recall seeing it when I visited early last year.)