Thursday, January 15, 2015

Yellowthread Street (TV Series) - Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan

The car chase at the beginning of Chinese Boxes involves some nifty steering around the small narrow thoroughfares of the Tai Ping Shan district in Sheung Wan. With particular heavy usage is Tai Ping Shan Street itself which we see from multiple angles in an attempt to disguise the fact that it's one street.

This seems to have been a popular location for Yellowthread Street because the production crew have used this area afew times in the past.

Here are some of the screen shots and their corresponding Streetview counterparts. The first shots are taken from the top (in front of the steps that lead up/down from Bridges Street) of the street looking down towards the upper part of Tung Street on the left (there seems to be some disagreement about whether that small lane is part of Tung Street or part of Kat Cheong Street which curves around the back of the buildings on the left).

It's a bit tidier these days, relatively speaking, but the brown tiled wall (where the striped tarpaulin is fixed to) is still around as you can see. You'll notice that the distant buildings at the far end of the street are still around - the smaller tenement now painted green is No.4-6 Po Yan Street), and the taller white building behind it is the Universal Building on New Street.

The next shots show us looking back up the road towards the junction with Square Street (you can just make out the blurry name on the street sign at the back) and the steps up to Bridges Street. The first screen cap is a bit closer to the junction, the second one taken from further down the road.

The steps are still around but where there used to be a building (the one with the street sign) is now a walled off empty plot. In the far distance at the top of the steps we can just make out the building that is now the Woman's Welfare Club Western District at No. 60 Bridges Street.

The next shots shows the car chase turning off Tai Ping Shan Street onto Upper Station Street. The wall at the back is the retaining wall that holds up the northern side of Blake Garden.

As you can see the small bit of the road that extends up to the wall of Blake Garden is still a popular place to park your lorry!

The car chase sort of fizzles out when the cops get stuck behind a reversing truck. Although not strictly Tai Ping Shan Street, it's close enough to include it here at the end because it was filmed back at the top of the hill on the southern part of Blake Garden where Kui In Fong, Po Hing Fong and Caine Lane meet at the bottom of the steps next to the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences. In true film fashion the cars have done a complete circle around Blake Garden! I can't get a good recreation for the area on Streetview so will just leave you with the screen caps.

Filmed from the top of the steps up to the museum
Looking towards Po Hing Fong from Kui In Fong

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