Sunday, January 11, 2015

Yellowthread Street (TV Series) - Central Vehicular Ferry Pier, Hong Kong

In the spirit of true nostalgia, here is a sequence from the beginning of Chinese Boxes in which we see the camera pan from Blake pier down to the vehicular ferry pier in Central - neither of which are around today (largely because the water here has also been replaced by land!).

Above we see the familiar angled shape of the final version of Blake Pier with the two Star Ferry piers behind it. As the camera moves downward we can see the small flyover that led from the upper deck of the vehicular ferry. On the right is Exchange Square which means the small road in front (with several walkways across it) is today's Harbour View Street. The waterfront next to it now occupied by the IFC complex and Hong Kong Station.

The vehicular pier itself - at the end of Harbour View St - was sited where the smaller IFC tower now stands.

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