Monday, January 12, 2015

Roaring Fire - Hiroyuki Sanada (1982) - Victoria Harbour

In the spirit of internationalism here is a Japanese offering starring the great Hiroyuki Sanada and (in a minor role) the equally superb Sonny Chiba. There are some interesting new angles (as well as old ones) to be seen in this film that was shot partially in HK.

To get started here is the requisite shot of the harbour from on high, just to establish the fact that the beginning of the story starts here.

We also get a brief glimpse of the harbour as seen from Kowloon-side. The interesting thing (for me, at least) here the fact that we can just make out the old Marine Office on Connaught Road at the junction with Rumsey Street. It was later replaced by what was Vicwood Plaza but has since been renamed Infinitus Plaza. If you want to see what the old building looked like in closeup, Andrew Tse has a fantastic picture over on FLICKR.

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