Monday, January 19, 2015

Roaring Fire - Hiroyuki Sanada (1982) - Man Mo Temple, Sheung Wan

One of the standout scenes in this film is the chase sequence when Joji is seen by the guys who murdered his brother. What follows has to be one of the most crazy chase sequences I've watched for a long time, and it proves that Sanada can out-Jackie Mr Chan himself and was doing it several years before Chan's contemporary-set action films became the vogue.

Anyway, the initial part of the chase sees Joji being chased down Ladder Street and then into the Man Mo Temple itself. Climbing and jumping over the walls and causing all sorts of mayhem - it makes me wonder if the film makers had permission to do what they were doing.

Down the steps of Ladder Street

Once at the bottom of the steps he cuts across and leaps over the side wall of the temple garden. The postbox that used to stand here has been in quite a few films over the years, as has the temple itself

Once inside he takes out pretty much everyone who gets near to him including the following poor fellow.
Watch your step there!

After taking out the dudes, he sees his chance to escape and promptly jumps right up onto the front wall, runs along the length of it before jumping down and scarpering away.

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