Thursday, January 15, 2015

Men of the Dragon - Jared Martin (1974) - Blue Pool Road, Happy Valley

Well, now that I know the location of the zig-zag staircase, it's fairly easy to see that this shot was taken at the top of the staircase along Blue Pool Road. It shows Jared Martin, Robert Ito and a very young Victor Kan trying to track down the artist who just so happened to draw a picture (very quickly but also very detailed) of the scene when Martin's sister is kidnapped by the evil Joseph Wiseman and his henchmen. All very far-fetched indeed.

I can't get an exact match on the angle, but the film was shot at the top of the staircase between Mafoo Quarters and the neighbouring UNICEF building. The staircase is now fenced off in between the two buildings as you can see.

I have no idea if 60 Blue Pool Rd is the same (but modified/extended) building seen on film. It's style at the front suggests it probably is but it would be nice to have confirmation if anyone has any idea.


  1. Hi Phil,

    The white building in the film was the one of the stablehands' quarters block. There used to be quite a few blocks of them with a primary school. Now I think only the school block and one of the quarters block remained. The demolished blocked had been rebuilt into the Horseshoe Tower (I think). Maybe the HKJC should have something in their archives for this.


    1. Thanks Thomas. I need to find some decent old pictures of Blue Pool Rd. I noticed on the film as well that the houses on the hill behind (on the other side of the road above the wall) were still evident. Any idea when they were torn down? I notice there is a whole row of new ones there now.