Monday, December 1, 2014

Yellowthread Street (TV series) - Bruce Payne (1990) - Chatham Road North, Hung Hom

On to Episode 8: Spirit Runner and one I consider to be the worst of the series due to its ridiculous storyline (about kids doing some sort of superstitious run for good luck in their exams) and the absolutely abysmal acting by a certain female lead cast member (to be honest, she was bad in all of them). But, some different locations are to be found and here is the first one - a view over Chatham Road North in Hung Hom from what looks to be the vantage point up on Chung Hau Street.

We can see the Kowloon Rail terminus (now Hung Hom Station) at the back left - it's the white building with the slanted white floors. Of course the KCR track runs north from there and we can just see a KCR train (now East Rail) heading away towards its next stop at Mongkok (East). The reddish brick building on the right is northern end of the Polytechnic University.

Chatham Road North can be seen running left to right. Luckily for us, there is a picture on Panoramio that is an almost exact copy of this same angle (which is why I think it was filmed from Chung Hau St) courtesy of user joeyuenasap. See below.

It's nice to see that the old buildings on the left in the screen grab are still around but have been given a bit of a lick of paint. But lots more development in the meantime including new buildings at the PolyU and the large flyover above the track which joins Cheong Tong Road South onto Princess Margaret Road above the Hung Hom Interchange.


  1. I liked this episode - ridiculous yes but also kind of quirky. Wasn't it the only one written by the author of the books as well? And if you are talking about Catherine Neilsen, then yes I agree. Dreadful actress.

    1. hello anon - yes I believe you are correct. William Marshall did write this one. I have yet to read the books, so can't comment on his quality as a writer of those. I'm sure the script looked fine on paper but it just wasn't executed very well IMHO. Glad we agree on the latter subject though ;-)