Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Amsterdam Kill - Robert Mitchum (1977) - HMS Tamar, Hong Kong

Not a typical view of the place in that it is looking at a ship at dock on the harbourfront, but seeing as the ship is obviously a military one then it makes sense that it would be docked in front of the Naval Base that has since the handover become the PLA HQ in HK.

I'm sure there are certain individuals out there who will be able to tell us the class and name of this vessel as well as when it was stationed here. The grabs are a little blurry courtesy of the fact it was a moving shot and this DVD transfer isn't the greatest quality, sadly.

Anyway, on that note, have a nice Xmas and I'll start posting again when I get back from my hols :-)


  1. Perhaps an urban legend, but I was once told that when they tried to dock a particularly large, deep-drafted ship at Tamar, the ship struck bottom even though there should have been sufficient draft. Divers were sent down to find a car down there, or perhaps a couple, I forget what precisely I was told.

    I look on the tale with some suspicion 25 years later, and wonder if anybody else has heard it or knows more.

    1. As someone who has dived a fair amount of these fair shores - although not yet in Victoria Harbour - I can confirm there is an awful amount of junk down there, including lots of cars.

      I'll have a look at my marine maps when I get the chance and see how deep it is, but it wouldn't surprise me if this story has some truth to it.