Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Amsterdam Kill - Robert Mitchum (1977) - Connaught Centre, Hong Kong

Just as we run into Xmas, I thought a new film would be nice, this time The Amsterdam Kill directed by Robert Clouse (we already looked at two of his HK-made films on this blog: Enter the Dragon and Golden Needles). It stars an ageing Robert Mitchum, but actually is a cracking film if you get the chance to see it, and of course lots of interesting HK locations to be found, some never seen here before.

So let's start off with a quick view of the Connaught Centre where the US Drug Enforcement Agency is supposedly based. Of course, these days we know this building as Jardine House, although I'm not sure of when the name change occurred. In 1972 when it first opened it was Hong Kong's tallest building and its very first 'skyscraper'. At some point the owners noticed bits of concrete were crumbling from the side of the building and the whole thing was encased with the aluminium cladding we can now see, however, it looks to have still been exposed concrete in this film.

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