Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gambit - Shirley MacLaine (1966) - Kai Tak Airport, Kowloon

To round off this short trip back to 1966 for Ronald Neame's Gambit, here is a parting shot of a plane coming in to land at the former Hong Kong International Airport at Kai Tak.


  1. There are a few types it could be, but I'm thinking the aircraft is a Boeing 707, specifically in Air France livery:

    There are, according to, a total of 41 707s that flew with Air France, but of these, 12 were delivered post-1966, so that narrows it down to 29 possible aircraft.

    Although they're almost all scrapped now, two remain in somewhat rough shape in museums, one in France and the other in Israel. Until recently there was a third in France, but save for the nose and tail, it was scrapped within the last decade.

    /plane geek out

    1. I'm just gutted you can't give me the plane number, time it landed, the pilot's name nor the phone number of the stewardess. Very disappointed. Try harder next time 😁