Monday, December 15, 2014

Forced Vengeance - Chuck Norris (1982) - Tung Lo Wan Road, Causeway Bay

A latecomer from this film (this always seems to happen - a late identification) which involves part of the chase scene when Chuck and the gang get off the ferry and walk the streets. The problem is that despite the fact that they have boarded the ferry on HK-side and get off Kowloon Side, all of a sudden we are back HK-side looking at the corner of Tung Lo Wan Road where it intersects with Causeway Road/Leighton Road.

I've had to go back a couple of years inside GoogleMaps to find a decent picture because the current one shows the building in scaffolding with the neon signs removed. But go back a couple of years and we get the following view.

Look carefully and you can see that in 2011 (when this picture was taken) the neon sign that says PALWA in the film grab was still in evidence - albeit with a different business name inside the sign. But the outside shape is the same double parallelogram shape. The business with the pink neon signs is also still listed at the same address. The big characters actually say "通惠" (Tung Wai) and related to the lighting shop underneath who's full name was: 通惠電業公司 (you can just make out the name on the shop in the film). These days it seems to have adopted an English version.

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