Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Private Eyes - Hui Bros (1976) - Tin Hau Temple Road, Hong Kong

Credit again to Arthur for locating this similar road scene, not too far away from the previous Braemar Hill Road locale seen in the last post. This time we move down the slope a bit to where Braemar Hill Road intersects with Tin Hau Temple Road.

In the screen caps above, the Porsche is turning right to continue along Tin Hau Temple Road. The road leading from the left is the bottom end of Braemar Hill Road. As mentioned by Arthur in his comment to me when he identified the location, the buildings on the opposite side of the road is still around. They are Ho King View and Tempo Court (from left to right), both built circa 1971 - just a few years before this film was made. Here's what the area looks like now. Thanks Arthur!

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