Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Forced Vengeance - Chuck Norris (1982) - Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong

A foreign produced movie in HK wouldn't be the same without some scenes from Aberdeen, right? And so it is with Chuck, whose girlfriend lives on a nice wooden junk moored in the harbour somewhere. Except, in Forced Vengeance we also get to see some land-side angles as well including a brief glimpse of the old HK Electric power station that used to sit where South Horizons is now (the power station was moved over the Lamma Island).

The high rises at the back were, and still are, the harbour facing blocks of the Ap Lei Chau Govt Housing Estate which was first occupied a couple of years prior to filming in 1980. Lei Chak House on the left and Lei Ning House on the right. We also get a view facing back towards Hong Kong side.

The white building centre right is actually part of the Aberdeen Chinese Permanent Cemetery, it's one of the Columbariums (that's an ashes storage building to you and me), and the high rises at the back mark the are where Aberdeen town is (there are plenty more high rises these days). The next two shots show the Ap Lei Chau road bridge, which wasn't actually opened properly until a year after this was filmed - so perhaps it was still under construction at this stage? The lower picture just gives us a more generous view of the aforementioned Pa Lei Chau Estate with the two closest blocks being Lei Moon House (upper and lower blocks) which also look to still be under construction at this stage.

This last shot shows Chuck working the small rib from his girlfriend's boat back to the harbour in the distance.

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