Thursday, November 13, 2014

Forced Vengeance - Chuck Norris (1982) - Hirams Highway, Sai Kung

We also see a fair bit of Sai Kung in this film because the Paschal's house is here giving way to lots of scenes of their car driving up and down the roads around the town. Here is the first one from the start of the film when we see Chuck's taxi take him from the airport to the Casino.

Yes, once again movie-land strikes again with its illogical geography. We see Chuck get in a cab at Kai Tak Airport in Kowloon, driving down Hirams Highway in Sai Kung and the arriving all the way back over in Tuen Mun for the casino scenes. I would love to have seen the fare for that particular journey!

In the top picture we can see some steps on the pavement on the right hand side (just to the right of the taxi). That's good because it allows us to identify the stretch of road we are looking at. You can see the same steps in the Streetview picture below (in front of where the blue wall starts).

As the car goes by the camera pans after it to the right and we get the view we see in the second two screen captures. Believe it or not the two buildings behind the red/yellow signage on the right are still around. There is also a third building still around and it is the one on the left with a stepped roof and orange roof tiles in the screen grab. You can just see it in the Streetview below but its now standing by itself and has discoloured somewhat in the last 30 years.

Moving on and I figured we should bunch all these screencaps together because as the taxi makes its way back we get a brief glimpse of Hebe Haven.

Okay, so we are given a big clue as to the location courtesy of the pier in the harbour. It's still there but so is the large white building we can see just at the back. It looks to be a commercial property but is currently empty according to Streetview (with a bog X Dive sign on the front). I'm not a Sai Kung resident and only really venture in to join a dive boat (and I try to avoid the town for much the same reasons I try to avoid Discovery Bay) so don't know it so well but I am sure there are people out there that know what it was or is. Anyway, here is my best approximation of the location.


  1. Back then, my guess is that the white building was a chandlery or marine supplies store of some kind. Directly behind it were (and i think still are) slipways for boat repair. Whole place reaked of curing fiberglass and freshly-painted antifouling.

    We used to go to Hebe Haven very often back then, as we lived around the corner in Pik Uk, and my parents had a succession of small boats of one kind or another. Around that time I believe we had a boat on one of the moorings out in the bay, because it was cheaper than getting a slip.

    My dad paid somebody either in or next door to that white building to store a small dinghy in which to row ourselves out to/from our boat, rather than deal with waiting to try and hail a sampan. (Easy enough in the morning, but a pain when you got back in the evening and had to wait for one to spot you hailing them from your newly-returned boat.)

    1. the last time I was in Hebe Haven was when I first arrived in HK and went to visit a friend who had a small dive shop there. We were standing around chatting when this lovely jet black Bentley (or some such - perhaps even a Rolls Royce) pulled up and a small chap got out with his two dogs and said hello.

      Off he walked and got onto this lovely boat moored at the side. I turned and asked my pal if he knew him and he told me it was Jean Claude Van Damme's brother!!

      Apparently, JCVD's bro is a well-known property developer who made a ton of cash in Sai Kung by converting a load of village houses with western style kitchens. I had no idea he even had a brother...

    2. Wow, that's quite a story! Had no idea he had a brother either, and couldn't find mention of one on Google. Has a sister, though...