Thursday, November 6, 2014

Batman: The Dark Knight - Christian Bale (2008) - International Finance Centre, Central

Both towers (International Finance Centre and Two International Finance Centre) feature in the next scene when Batman is preparing to launch his strike at his Chinese target. So, up to the top of 2IFC goes the Dark Knight and he jumps off and after a bit of impressive spinning and flying around, rolls up into a ball and crashes through the windows of the lower IFC1 where his target is located.

The finale of the sequence sees Batman and target being pulled out, up and away from the building by the C130 transport plane that I mentioned in the first film post here.

Of course, most of this was achieved using CGI, but there are pictures of a cabled up Christian Bale standing on a very precarious part of the building for some daytime filming (the scene is set at night so I can only assume they were using filters).

So here we are, with the second film character to leap from the top of 2 IFC (the first one was Lara Croft in case you didn't know).

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