Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ferry to Hong Kong - Curt Jurgens (1959) - Macau Peninsula, Macau

One of my favourite shots from the various Macau portions of the film (remember, it may be called Ferry to Hong Kong, but the film revolves around a man stuck on a HK - Macau Ferry, so we also see some of the latter) is the following panning shot that takes in a view of the inner harbour.

This view shows the panorama of Macau that I really wish I had been around to see. So sleepy and low rise - vastly different to the place today with its monstrous tacky casinos.

Anyway, the vista looks as though it may possibly have been filmed from the back of Penha Church - the cross in the top picture looks very similar to one of those that sits at the rear (west facing) part of the church building. The ferry is steaming along towards the inner harbour area for its stop.

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