Monday, October 13, 2014

Ferry to Hong Kong - Curt Jurgens (1959) - More adventures with Chaplin Chang

Chaplin Chang, assistant director on Enter the Dragon and general go-to man for many western production companies filming in Hong Kong, made an early appearance in his very diverse movie career as an extra when filming Ferry to Hong Kong. In fact, he tells me that this was the very first western produced film he was involved with and was introduced to the films producers by Roy Chiao with whom he had a long friendship.

There is a scene in Ferry to Hong Kong when a Chinese junk catches fire nearby and proceeds to explode because it has been packed with explosives. The explosion damages the ferry but the crew of the junk are saved just before it blows up.

Chaplin was given the job of rushing over to the side of the ship and shouting that the junk was on fire. Here he is in action.

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