Friday, October 31, 2014

Batman: The Dark Knight - Christian Bale (2008) - Midlevels Escalator, Lyndhurst Terrace

This is another scene that made big news in the local papers, however, for some unknown reason The HK Standard now limits its archive to the previous 4 years (previously we could browse articles from about 1994 onward) and so I can't link to anything useful anymore.

Never mind, this following scene filmed on the section of the Midlevel's escalator was actually done with several thousand people all gathered around the road below taking snap shots of the two stars Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman.

The road below them is Lyndhurst Terrace and Gage Street. In fact, there is the odd amateur film on YouTube of Morgan Freeman doing a walkabout along part of Gage Street, but I'm not sure that was filmed or if it was it didn't seem to make the final cut.

Gage Street in the background

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