Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Yellowthread Street (TV Series) - Bruce Payne (1990) - Marriot Hotel, Queensway

Here's a surprise I wasn't expecting because I hadn't realised it had already been completed and opened for business. I'm talking about the J.W Marriot Hotel attached to Pacific Place. We get a brief glimpse of the entrance as the baldy bad guy heads off on one of his excursions. It's a brief glimpse but still recognisable today.

Unfortunately we can't get very close using Streetview so will have to settle with a long view taken from the public road outside. You can vaguely see that it looks the same although Marriot seems to have undergone a re-branding at some point and changed the style of their logo.

So, why was the Marriot featured in Yellowthread Street when other nearby hotels such as the Conrad and Shangri-La were still under construction. It appears that the Marriot was built in the very first construction phase of Pacific Place and so was ready by 1988 - a year or so before the series was made. The neighbouring hotels were part of a later phase completed in 1990. Also we have a scene filmed inside the hotel.

The distinctive metal pillars in the background can also be seen on this shot taken by a traveller and uploaded to the Tripadvisor website (link:

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