Monday, July 7, 2014

Yellowthread Street (TV Series) - Bruce Payne (1990) - Island Eastern Corridor, Hong Kong

Some action shots from Key Witness as the cops, Eden and Marenta (played by Bruce Payne and Robert Taylor, respectively), attempt a stakeout with some rudimentary disguises (i.e. silly hats). We get some shots of them driving along in Eden's muscle car including some shots of the Island Eastern Corridor at various places including...1. just past the North Point Fire Station (you can see the training tower on the right).

The contemporary view from Streetview reveals rather a large amount of development around this area, although the fire station (and the overhead road sign) are still around.

A few seconds later and they also pass the City Garden residential development (that's it on the right of the screen).

We also see them driving past the now demolished North Point Estate (razed in 2003), so I guess we have a little bit of North Point history preserved forever on screen (although I am sure this isn't the only bit of cinema/TV that has featured it before). The space it occupied is actually still just empty at the moment (or at least it is on Streetview, I don't know if any construction has been started there yet).

A bit further on we see the car drive past the huge slab of concrete that goes by the name of Provident Garden. To be honest, this place is very...ugly, but probably has some of the best harbour views to be had in this part of the island - right on the harbourfront.

And finally, back the other way as the road curves around into the Quarry Bay section of North Point. That's Kwun Hoi Mansion in the last pic on the right.

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