Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kill a Dragon - Jack Palance (1967) - Ma Nam Wat Village, Sai Kung

To break up the Yellowthread Street posts a bit (because, like I Spy, there will be quite a few) here is another offering from the 1960's starring Jack Palance as a sort of mercenary with a heart. Some really good and interesting places to see in this film, including the location of the main village that features in the film.

The film starts with a nice panning shot across the water of what is the small inlet that sits between Trio Beach and the Tai Ngam Hau peninsula. The camera then settles on the village (Chinese name: 麻南笏村) that sits on the north shore line of the headland.

The village is largely abandoned but I have no idea how long it has been like that. The area is popular with walkers and so the area still sees a lot of activity and it seems as though some Spanish-style village houses have popped up so I am sure someone must still be there. Look at the following shots and you will see the village Tin Hau Temple. Is it still there? This building features quite prominently in the film so it would be nice to know it still stands...

The view below is looking east from the shoreline over towards what would be Marina Cove area in the distance. Trio Beach is hidden by the coast that juts out behind the white launch.


  1. Another HK blogger I follow, Anna Tam, posted a few pictures from Ma Nam Wat several years ago:

    Also, here's an aerial view:

    Looks like even as of 2012, most of the buildings there are now modern ones, with just a few traditionally-roofed buildings remaining at the right of the frame.

    1. Yes, Anna Tam's blog is the blog i linked in the "largely abandoned" link. It's an interesting little place made even more interesting by this movie association. Cheers, Phil

    2. Ah, missed that. The links show up the same color as the rest of the text for me, at least until I hover / click on them, and they don't get an underline either. That means I usually miss them unless you comment on them in the text, and then I hunt for where the links are by waving the mouse around. ;-)

    3. Hmmm, i need to tinker with the colours perhaps. Lemme have a play around and see if i can improve it. Thanks for the feedback gweilo8888 ☺