Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kill a Dragon - Jack Palance (1967) - Hongkong Hilton, Central

As mentioned in a previous post, Aldo Ray's character is a tour guide for the Hilton Hotel and so we get to see him taking some hotel guests on a boat trip followed by bus journey back to the hotel. In this post we get to see the bus arrive back at the hotel.

Now, unfortunately my first visit to HK was too late for me to have seen the Hongkong Hilton Hotel when it was still standing (when I arrived for the first time in Nov 1995, the site was already razed and the pile drivers were hard at work knocking in piles for what was to become the Cheung Kong Centre), so I can't confirm whether or not this was the entrance. However, my gut says it probably is - after all, the hotel seems to have been very cooperative by lending their boat out for use, so letting a film crew shoot some scenes at the entrance doesn't seem like too much of a stretch (and it seems to be a great way to advertise given the proliferation of product placement in movies).

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