Monday, June 9, 2014

You Only Live Twice - Sean Connery (1967) - Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Not much of a challenge here I guess, but sometimes I need a bit of a break from all this location hunting and like to throw stuff in just for posterity. Here is the tracking shot of the harbour as Bond's enemies watch his body being cast into the sea from a British Naval boat.

Looking at the top pictures, even taking the camera lens into account, the harbour looks really wide compared to today's small skinny lowfat version...

...on a side note, I will say that the underwater scenes where Bond is picked up by frogmen and carried back to the submarine were almost definitely not filmed in Hong Kong harbour. The water is so clear in that scene it can only have been filmed in a tank (probably the famous one at Pinewood?).


  1. The funeral itself was also not filmed in HK. It was filmed aboard the HMS Tenby, off coast of Gibraltar. The underwater stuff you mention was filmed in the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas! ;-)

    1. Hi Martijn, nice to hear from you again and many thanks for the trivia. I'm guessing that that the two HK scenes - really just brief captures of the places - were perhaps filmed by a local company?