Monday, June 9, 2014

You Only Live Twice - Sean Connery (1967) - Tam Kung Road, To Kwa Wan

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a diversion. It's our second Bond outing on this site, but officially the first time Bond was seen in Hong Kong. Having said that, unlike Roger Moore in The Man With The Golden Gun, we never really see Connery in Hong Kong, only in a completely unbelievably huge boudoir where he gets shot, and then inside a submarine where he is zipped over to Japan in less than five minutes flat (this could explain why lots of people still believe Hong Kong to be in Japan...).

Anyway, there is a brief street scene as we see the killers and cops rushing into Bonds private meeting.

There appears to be lots of confusion over the location of this scene. Thanks to an online discussion I had been led to believe this was Nathan Road in Mongkok, but now, according to one of the comments below, it now looks as though it is Tam Kung Road in To Kwa Wan.

Anyway, here is what it looks like today and I suspect that the doorway the cops go into was Tam Kung Mansion at 45 - 63 Tam Kung Road.


  1. Despite the Mayflower hint, unfortunately it wasn't Nathan Road. It was a lesser known section of Tam Kung Road in To Kwa Wan. Please refer to the link below:

    1. Many thanks anonymous. Post has been amended.