Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Yellowthread Street (TV Series) - Bruce Payne (1990) - Wanchai Aerial View

Another one of the series' cityscapes that shows off Hong Kong in all its glory. This time we have what can only be a helicoptered shot taken from above the streets of Wanchai District. The shots, which pans south, starts off over looking the HK Island-side of the cross harbour tunnel and continues across Causeway Bay area. On the first shot we can see causeway bay Typhoon shelter and the tunnel entrance below it. The flat land to the right of the shelter (in reality to the south) is Victoria Park.

 The flyover that snakes away through town is Canal Road West.

Hennessey Road starting bottom left and
Morrison Hill Swimming Pool complex bottom right


  1. Stitched image here:

    (Yes, it has nightmares with the stitching towards the bottom of the image.)

  2. And one more attempt at stitching a little differently:

    1. looks pretty cool, gweilo8888! It certainly makes it much easier to grasp in terms of geography :-)

      It's a shame that this series has never been released on DVD. The copy I have is a DVD copied from a VHS recording, so the colours are usually pretty poor. This sequence would benefit greatly from a bit of colour.

      Anyway, excellent job, many thanks.