Sunday, 1 June 2014

Golden Needles (1974) - Joe Don Baker - Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei

Here is one from Golden Needles initially identified as Tsim Sha Tsui due to what I believed was the Golden Crown Court sign centre left (red words on light blue) that says: 金冠大酒樓

It appears that this has been a mis-identification though, and a friendly anonymous reader has commented (see below) that the restaurant sign was in fact for the Noble Crown Restaurant (華冠大酒樓) much further up the road in Yaumatei at the junction with Waterloo Road. Note the single different character at the beginning of the Chinese name (wah instead of gam). In hindsight I can just make out the top character is indeed 華.

So, anyway, we now know that this scene was filmed - looking north - near to the junction with Waterloo Road which means I think the small curve in the kerb in the lower right is the corner of the small nameless service road that leads to the back of Jade Mansion (on the right) and the Ambulance depot beyond. Here is the updated Streetview.

So a big thanks to the helpful anonymous poster for setting me right.


  1. Hey Phil,

    your blog is awesome! I came across while doing a google search for filming locations of the "Bloodsport" movie. As I will move to Hong Kong very soon, I was looking for places to check out. Well ... keep up the good work and see you around.

    1. Thanks Anon. Good luck with the move. You can spend your whole life finding these locations and barely scratch the surface of what is available...Cheers, Phil

  2. That restaurant was not Golden Crown Restaurant (金冠大酒樓) - it was indeed Noble Crown Restaurant (華冠大酒樓) located at the lower floors of Bell House, junction between Waterloo and Nathan Roads. The picture shows Nathan Road, looking north.

    1. thanks Anon, I shall amend the post in due course. It's good to have some expert knowledge.

      I've not heard of this restaurant before, so I am wondering if I have mis-identified any others as the Golden Crown Court based on the same sign. Do you know if they owned by the same company?

      Many thanks, Phil