Thursday, March 13, 2014

Noble House (Mini series) - Pierce Brosnan (1988) - Pearl Island, Tuen Mun

Heading back to Noble House for a moment to the scene of the prisoner release at the HK/Chinese "border". The mid- to late-80's was probably not a great time to try filming at the real border in Lo Wu so the production team used another location as a stand-in. It just so happened to be the causeway leading over to Pearl Island off what is now known locally as the Gold Coast (named after the resort hotel and residential development built there) but is actually part of So Kwun Wat. The scenes were actually filmed on the island, looking back towards the mainland. The chimneys at the back were part of a desalination plant further down the coast, now gone.

Check out the ridiculously fake fortress on the opposite side

Note the second screen grab. The film makers had to hide the various developments on the mainland coastline and did this by superimposing a rather grim-looking fortress on top of it.

Unfortunately for us, because Pearl Island contains private residential developments, the Google Streetview car didn't make it to the island side of the road, all we have is this view below looking over towards the island from Tsing Lung Road. At the other end of the causeway is where the filming took place in reality. We just have to use our imaginations a bit :-)

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