Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Men of the Dragon - Jared Martin (1974) - Dragon Garden, Castle Peak Road

Just as in Enter the Dragon, Mr Han had his island fortress (in the shape of King Yin Lei and Kau Yi Chau), our evil bad guy in this film played by Dr No himself, Joseph Wiseman, also has an island fortress. In this case Dragon Villa and Garden are used.

The famous pai fong (a Chinese archway) looking towards the domed mausoleum at the back.

Walking past the stone dragon ornament in the garden pond. We also saw the same ornament in I Spy, The Man with the Golden Gun and Noble House (and many more I'm sure).

This is the actual house with its rather nice ornate front doors, and the shot below shows a nice view across the property and looking over towards Ma Wan island and would you believe me if I told you the island in the far left was Hong Kong Island? It's true. You would be hard pressed to get that much visibility in HK at any time other than the summer these days.

A closer view below of Joseph Wiseman and Katie Saylor sitting in front of the garden's large domed mausoleum.

And after a blind-folded battle pitting the buddies against each other in some seriously hammed up kung fu swirling of the arms and loud screams, the cavalry arrive, in true Enter the Dragon style and mayhem breaks out.

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