Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bruce Lee & I - Betty Ting Pei (1976) - Whitehead Point, Ma On Shan

A long time ago, before the current golf driving range and even before the area was turned into a Vietnamese refugee camp (one of many) there was a quarry at Whitehead Point which was used on many occasions for filming. Nearby is the site of what was the location for the finale of Drunken Master and I also previously posted about this being used in The Young Master.

Anyway, here we see Bruce accepting a challenge from some dude he met in bar and he proceeds to knock seven bells out of the guys and his axe-wielding buddies. As a result we get some really good shots of the Tolo Harbour and Channel areas, including the Plover Cove Reservoir Dam wall.

Above. Looking NW from Whitehead Point. The ridgeline in the background is Wong Leng, along the same ridge that eventually becomes Pat Sin Leng (off camera to the right).

Two views of the point of Ma On Shan in the previous pictures. Below we are looking north east and can see the dam wall. The most striking thing though is the clear air and green hills.

And a look further to the east.


  1. This location was also used for the endfight of snake in the eagle's shadow.
    By the way, do you know the location of the opening fight between fung hak on and hwang jang lee from SITES? may be sai kung.

    1. This general area was popular for film making for a long time. You can see many films made here, not just SITES. You can see an old aerial picture of it here:

      With regards to the fight with Fung Hak-on (RIP) - this is the same location where JC fights Whang In-sik at the end of The Young Master:

      I tried to access it a few weeks ago but the area is too overgrown now.

  2. You are right it is the same place. I think I found it. It's the sandy platform right from the pyramid hill when you look to the water side. The place is used by hikers and praglyders today. By the way is their another guestbook or something to write you instead of the film commenting area?

    1. Hi, actually it's not that far up the hillside. It's near to the fire lookout at the top of Chuk Yeung Road. If you click on the location tab at the bottom of my Young Master post you'll see where.

      No guestbook, but can email me at the address posted at the bottom of the About me and this blog page.
      Cheers, Phil