Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Spy (TV Series) - Robert Culp (1965) - Nathan Road, Mongkok

After a nice long lay off over Xmas and New Year it's time to get back to I Spy and the Danny was a Million Laughs episode. Again, this was a fantastic ID done by Thomas who correctly identified the open area on the right of the picture as the Mongkok Police Station compound. Here is the snap anyway.

Here is Thomas' original comment:
...are those government issue vehicles behind the wired fence? Looked like charcoal grey Police trucks to me. Might be Mongkok Police Station. Requires further comparison with older photos to confirm
And it wasn't long until the confirmation popped up on Gwulo courtesy of user 'harigger'. Here is the link:

Now, this area of Nathan Road looks vastly different these days because the rather large columned building on the right (I'm assuming it was once part of the Police Station) has long gone and is now largely open space - a compound that surrounds the remaining Police Station block.

Look closely and you may see at least one of the buildings in the distance is visible on both the 1965 screen grab and the Streetview grab shown above (taken circa 2009).

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