Thursday, January 16, 2014

Golden Needles - Joe Don Baker (1974) - Kowloon Wharf & Godown, Tsim Sha Tsui

To give a bit of a break to the I Spy locations, which seem to have been taking up the majority of my time over the past few months, here is a shot from another film directed by Enter the Dragon-helmer, Robert Clouse. It's called Golden Needles and stars Joe Don Baker as well as Burgess Meredith and was made in 1974. Probably not coincidentally, Jim Kelly was also in this one however all of his scenes look to have been filmed back in California and not HK. Anyway, in no particular order here is a great view of what the area around Harbour City used to look like.

The large empty space in the top photo is where the Ocean Centre currently sits and this is testified by the fact that if you look at the far right in that top picture, you can see some older buildings that line Canton Road. The smaller building to the left is #14 - 16 Canton Road and can still be found - although it was quite new when this film was made because it was only built in 1971.

Suffice to say everything else in these photos has gone. Replaced, by and large, by the Harbour City mall and office complex. The only buildings that were around along this strip that can still be found would be Star House and the Hongkong Hotel - however, they are both out of shot here.

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  1. Great shots as always, and utterly amazing that building has managed to survive 40+ years in what has to be an incredibly valuable piece of real estate, surrounded by buildings double to triple its height!