Saturday, 14 September 2013

Noble House (Mini series) - Pierce Brosnan (1988) - St Michael's Catholic Cemetery, Happy Valley

Filling up the terraces on the west side of the dip that forms the Happy Valley racecourse, the cemeteries along here are some of the more historical areas of the territory - at least in terms of its colonial history. So much so that Patrica Lim recently spent a rather large amount of time and effort documenting the graves for her most recent book "Forgotten Souls". Actually the Catholic area of the cemetery is just one of several (don't forget about the Muslim one just next door to the north) but is perhaps one of the most impressive due to its sometimes huge elaborate grave stones and mausoleum entrances. If you are familiar with your HK history then wandering around the graves here will reveal a whole host of well-known names.

In Noble House we get to see it when the Chen's are burying their recently murdered son John.


  1. I remember filming the scenes at the graveyard - it was hard work. Mainly because of the parking situation; all the principal actors had air-conditioned buses, which had to be on location... as did the gennie, electrical, grip and camera trucks, craft services, catering.. it goes on and on. While we were trying to operate a skeleton crew, with an American production such as this that's still closer to 100 crew than not, and there was absolutely no parking available. So wardrobe and makeup, production etc had no vehicles on location (they were driving round in circles) and there were a lot of frayed tempers that day...

    1. Just to add, we'd had a unit move that day as well, I can't remember where we'd been filming in the morning but we had to up sticks and move to the cemetery, further adding to the confusion...