Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Spy (TV Series) - Robert Culp (1965) - Lok Ma Chau Lookout

A quick scene that AP tells me involves Culp supposedly walking to Aberdeen (coming up in the next post) but was in fact filmed almost as far away as you could possibly get from Aberdeen - right next to the border (sorry, I should use the more politically correct description of 'boundary') with Mainland China at Lok Ma Chau.

Only until relatively recently, Lok Ma Chau was a popular stop on the local and overseas tourist itinerary because the 'lookout' provided and uncluttered view across the border to the strange and mystifying land that lay beyond. These days it is one of the last bastions of HK wilderness. You can still go to the lookout but instead of seeing tranquil rice paddies being tended to by hardy farmers and their water buffalo, all you can see is the stark contrast between HK's undeveloped 'Closed Border Area' and the massive development that has sprung up in Shenzhen across the way. The actual border point now is - along with Lo Wu - a very busy place indeed with road and rail transport across into the Mainland. The east rail extension to Lok Ma Chau opened quite soon after I arrived in HK.

Anyway, here are some views across the (still to be found) wetlands,  followed by a nice panorama of the two shots combined.

And in case you are wondering where the actual 'lookout' is,the pavilion in the grab below shows you where all those tourists stood to take their cross-border holiday snaps. It's been upgraded now with a surrounding platform and one of those metal relief views showing what you are looking at, but I think it's still the same structure today.

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