Sunday, September 22, 2013

Double Impact - Jean Claude Van Damme (1991) - Link Road, Happy Valley

Many thanks to Thomas Ngan for spotting this one (and many more) on Link Road. It was featured in the initial car chase scene in Double Impact (well, not really car 'chase', more of a car 'following') and we caught a glimpse of what looked like a school on the opposite side of the road.

Well, it turns out that it was a school and still is albeit with one of the most convoluted names I have ever come across: The Po Leung Kuk Gold and Silver Exchange Society Pershing Tsang School. It doesn't really flow off the tongue, does it, and I suspect it costs them a fortune in letterheads.

The location is unsurprising given that other scenes were filmed nearby around the Happy Valley racecourse and further to the south near the tram terminus, but still sometimes finding things like this are like a needle in a haystack, so many thanks to Thomas for lending his expert eyes. Here's the current view but looking up the hill instead of down.


  1. Hi Phil,

    Back then the name of the school was shorter and without the PLK and memorial namesake. Just the Gold & Silver Exchange school. I could not recall when they handed the management to PLK though. Probably PLK's homepage or the school's homepage could have some clues somewhere.

    Best Regards,

    1. Thanks T. I'll have a dig around, there might be something of interest to write about. Cheers, Phil