Friday, 9 August 2013

Noble House (Mini series) - Pierce Brosnan (1988) - Clearwater Bay Golf Course, Clearwater Bay

Just as in real life, business is conducted largely on the golf course in the world of Noble House. In this case the rather large course attached to the nearby country club at Clearwater bay - one of HK's more exclusive private clubs. I'll admit I have been there, but sadly only as a lacky helping out with a discover scuba course in the 3 metre pool (a great time was had by all I should say, and despite some rather pushy parents, the kids were rather more down to earth and fun to be with).

The main giveaway for this location is the proximity of the sea and High Junk Peak - a very distinctively-shaped mountain.

High Junk Peak at the back

I'll be honest, I find golf about as interesting as other peoples' flatulence, however, with these kind of views to behold I can see one of the main attractions of playing around this particular course: stunning east coast scenery.


  1. It seems we have much the same view of golf courses. The greenery is lovely, but the land is almost completely wasted. (And most likely on folks who don't even appreciate it.)

    Personally, I'd like to see it turned into a public park.

    Incidentally, I've been there for equally mundane reasons: delivering wine to the toffs living on boats in the marina. (And yes, the views are spectacular.)

    1. well, there is some controversy going on right now about whether or not the Fanling golf club should be made to give up its land to build more housing. I suspect that the powerful minority (who use the course) will have more clout than the majority of impoverished farmers who toil the surrounding land and are facing eviction in the light of any development. Time will tell...