Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Enter The Dragon - Bruce Lee (1973) - Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei

Well, what with all the Bruce Lee 40th Anniversary of his death and also the recent very sad news about Jim Kelly passing away from cancer, it seems fitting to round off the Enter The Dragon opening scenes with the final stumper. This one was solved courtesy of Richard Wong who had kindly posted a response to my old locations effort over on Gwulo.com. Here is the reminder from the opening credits when we see Jim Kelly (aka Williams) crossing a road behind what looks like a number 2(F? E?) bus. Given the change in this area there was no way I was going to find this myself without some more local expertise.

Thanks to Richard Wong we now know this place is the junction of Shanghai St and Man Ming Lane (Man Ming Lane being the one that goes off to the right). Here is the same corner today - note all the old buildings have gone apart from one just further up - one of just a few remaining examples of HK's old (but excellent) shophouses.

I can't get quite as close on Streetview but seeing as I am not too far from this spot I will be able to get a better picture later on. Incidentally, this location is only about 1 block away from the previously mentioned Fruit Market - not surprising given the logistics involved in lugging around filming equipment and setting up shots.

Until then...R.I.P Jim Kelly and Bruce Lee :-(


  1. as an aside, I have to say that Jim Kelly even makes crossing the road look cool...