Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bloodsport - Jean Claude Van Damme (1987) - Des Voeux Road West, Hong Kong

Remember that our scene has us in an easterly-headed HK tram trundling along Johnston Road in Wanchai. Well, guess what, when the camera pans back to get a look at the bemused JCVD observing Gibb's rather inappropriate-but-ultimately-harmless behaviour towards his fellow passenger, we get to see a completely different piece of HK.

But guess what, the Emerald Hotel was a hotel that sat on the corner of Des Voeux Road West and Centre Street over in Sai Ying Pun. In other words, in the space of just a few seconds we have changed direction (now headed west), and have miraculously ended up 4 kilometres away from where we were just a second ago. The power of film!!

Anyway, the Emerald Hotel is no longer with us and in fact the whole site was redeveloped and opened as another hotel called the Island Pacific. Here is a recent Streetview. And here is a picture of how it used to look courtesy of the HK Memories website.

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  1. Nice tip on the HK Memories website. Looks worth a browse! Shame they don't seem to have an RSS feed.