Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Taxi Driver - David Chiang (1975) - Kai Tak Terminal Building, Kowloon

So as opposed to a fake Kai Tak courtesy of Noble House, Shaws decided to go for a more authentic location for the finale of The Taxi Driver and use the actual terminal building of the airport. Now, although I went in and out of HK via Kai Tak on a few occasions (once I even missed my boarding call and still managed to get through customs and run down the terminal strip to my gate in time for the plane to leave - it's very disconcerting having a member of the airport staff approach you as you run and refer to you by your name and telling you to run quicker!!).

Anyway, moving on to my *spoiler alert* and our intrepid taxi driver accompanied by the HK Police head to Kai Tak to catch the mastermind of the bank robbery as he boards his flight to some exotic distant locale (probably Vancouver, right? :)).

When cornered he threatens to blow every up but his suitcase contains nothing but all his money from the robbery and it soon ends up all over the floor.

 Alas, even as I write these words, Kai Tak has been reborn as a funky new cruise terminal (it had a soft opening only just yesterday!!) and memories of the airport terminal will soon fade. There are still some fading remnants of the terminal building still around (such as the various small roads and walkways that connected to the terminal building) but by and large it has all but gone, perhaps to be replaced by more housing?


  1. Hopefully, they'll fit a Kai Tak museum in there somewhere amongst it all. My life revolved around that airport a couple of decades ago...

    1. ooh! that's a nice idea. Never really occurred to me. Is there one planned? I haven't heard any mention but what a great place it could be.

    2. I did hear one was on the plan years ago, but that was before they scrapped the whole plan and started over, I think. Wouldn't be surprised if it was dropped from the final plan...