Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Taxi Driver - David Chiang (1975) - True Light Lane, Kowloon Tong

Have you ever wondered what the area around Kowloon Tong station looked like before Festival Walk was built? Well, we manage to catch a brief glimpse of True Light Lane during the scene when Chiang's car is hijacked by the bank robbers. It may or may not be the same hydrant (although it has been moved).

I can't get a perfect angle from Streetview but will perhaps make an effort to take a shot with the camera the next time I am there (i.e. everyday, I just need to remember to take the camera).

Okay, of course like everywhere in Hong Kong this place has seen a lot of development - most obviously in the form of the much larger station (The Taxi Driver was filmed before the major expansion from one track into two) and now of course we have the massively massive Festival walk mall at the back - although this wasn't opened until the late 90's. But we can see that once upon a time the site on which it now sits was basically a big massively massive hill!!

And the area from where the robbers appear looks to be steps leading down to the old single track railway line - filmed at a time when walking on the tracks was still common and allowed. These days you would have to be stupid as well as nimble in order to take the same route.

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