Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Taxi Driver - David Chiang (1975) - Lung Cheung Road, Kowloon

Not Lung Cheung Road as much as the view from it. We've been close to this location before in Sunset and I recently blogged about Lung Cheung Road Lookout on my Hong Kong & Macau Stuff Blog (my other blog is currently on hold until I can muster enough motivation to start it up again) but this time we get to see a reasonable view from a vantage point next to the aforementioned 'lookout'.

Unfortunately I am grabbing these shots from a VCD and the resolution is quite poor and doesn't zoom well, but the view is over Kowloon and in fact the nearest buildings at the bottom are part of the nameless reservoir that sits just down the slope.

The flat bit and small building bottom of the screen are the reservoir and nearby pumphouse, still there after all these years. For geography's sake, the aforementioned Lung Cheung Lookout is off screen to the right in this above shot. In the film the camera pans left and we see in the distance the checkerboard in Kowloon Tsai (see shot below).
The above glimpse of Lung Cheung Road shows the area just before where Lung Yan Road intersects. Much of this shaved slope is overgrown today as you would expect, and there is also a pedestrian flyover here now so walkers can cross to Lung Yan Road (it is teh main road route up the side of Beacon Hill).

The last shot shows our taxi passing the point of the road where Lung Cheung Road lookout is/was. These days it has its own carpark and slip road,m but in the 70's it was basically just a flat promontory that cars could pull into.

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