Sunday, 24 March 2013

Double Impact - Jean Claude Van Damme (1991) - Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Aberdeen can be seen a couple of times in this film - the first time is when Frank (played by Geoffrey Lewis) smuggles baby JCVD away from the bad guys via a sampan in the harbour. He boards the boat on the Ap Lei Chau side of Aberdeen Harbour and we know this because quite clear in the background is the Hung Shing Temple that occupies the waterfront on Ap Lei Chau. Here is a screen grab from the sampan complete with a Hoklo boat woman working the controls. She doesn't look too amused about being filmed does she...

For a more modern view of the temple there is a nice picture here on Panoramio. When this was filmed in 1991 the waterfront was a bit of a mess but the govt has done a fairly decent job at beautifying it and making a fairly nice location. That side of the harbour also gives you better views across the Aberdeen (IMO).

On these two shots you can see the line of buildings that sit along the Aberdeen Praya Road, some of these buildings were there when Bruce Lee filmed Enter The Dragon twenty years previously and the wooded hillside behind them is the same hill that still houses the old Police Station (now a youth centre known as the Warehouse).

Aberdeen is also seen later in the film when JCVD is being pursued with his brother's girlfriend by the bad guys. The scene ends with them jumping into the water to escape but before that we see some of the usual hopping around the flotilla of boats. Then Cory Everson jumps into a chopper and follows the boat back to their hideout.

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