Sunday, March 24, 2013

All About Ah Long - Chow Yun Fat (1989) - Mandarin Oriental Hotel in...Singapore!!

Okay, this one is only HK (and Macau) related by the virtue of the fact that it is part of a largely HK and Macau film. But ol' Johnnie To has done a bit of trickery here and used a Singaporean location for what was supposed to be a HK one. I'm sticking it here because even IMDB gets it wrong and says the place is the Oriental Hotel in TST!!!!

Anyway, the scene starts off with Sylvia Chang looking out over Happy Valley racecourse, like this.

But then suddenly switches several thousand miles over to Singapore where she is now standing atop of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (credited as The Oriental, Singapore at the end of the film). Looking over what would soon become SUNTEC city convention centre.

See that building next to her dude's head? That is actually the Shaw Towers building on the corner of Middle Road and Beach Road. The  small circular construction sticking out of same dude's chest is then circular annex on the nearby Pan Pacific Hotel (which you can see on the right). The shot below is taken from one of the hotel's rooms and you can still see Shaw Towers through the window.

In case you still had any more doubts, here is a bit from earlier in the film when Chow's and Chang's son goes to the hotel to meet her. It's a shot from the lobby of the Mandarin Oriental with its impressively curved atrium balconies.

So anyway, enough of Singapore, time for more HK & Macau stuff.

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