Friday, 5 October 2012

Sunset - Paul Chin Pei (1971) - Kai Tak Amusement Park, Choi Hung

Just when I think I have done all I can with a film, up pops up a stumper that has been solved by consulting an excellent old HK Photography book called "Early Kowloon" by Cheng Po Hung. Sunset features a section when the two protagonists spend some time at an amusement park.

Now, I know of several amusement parks that HK used to have such as Lai Yuen (in Lai Chi Kok), Luna Park on HK island but none of my known sites seemed to fit the photos above. Anyway, I found an old photo of Kai Tak Amusement Park of Cheng Po Hung's book and it looks to be a match (same ferris wheel, monorail etc) and can only think it is this one that we can see on film.

If you haven't heard of this place before it's not surprising because it was only open between 1965 and 1982 after which it was demolished and the site was redeveloped into the modern day Choi Hung Park/Choi Hung Road Playground.

New Film Locations Blog

For those who enjoy this blog (as well as Gary Wong's Film Pilgrimage and Daniel Thomas' Hong Kong on Film), then you will be pleased to hear that there is a new kid on the bloke. Please check out the excellent location work done by Andi on his Hong Kong Movie Tours Blog.

Andi has been hunting down locations for a long time and was building up an impressive array on the (now defunct?) Shaw Brothers Reloaded forum, but thankfully he has decided to show a wider audience and created this new blog. The good thing about Andi's stuff is he has tried to recreate the same camera angles seen on the films he is blogging about and he's done a very good job. I look forward to seeing some interesting stuff coming out of it over the coming months.

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