Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Game of Death - Bruce Lee (1978) - State Theatre, North Point

This is one of those locations that I have only recently been made aware of, whereas at the time of my original GOD posts I had yet to venture to anywhere near this location.

It's a brief shot that shows the fake BL walking past a cinema showing a kung fu film (if any experts can identify the Shaolin-themed show please feel free to comment and allow me to be awed by your knowledge).

And here is that same theatre 35 years (ish) later, looking slightly more decrepit but still with its identifiable curved front and square windows.

If you wou'd like to know a bit more about the place then you can visit my other blog where I did a post.


  1. Thank you for this wonderful site.

  2. thankyou for reading and taking the time to comment :-)

  3. Great blog. I am thinking the film playing at the time the fake BL walked by is Sammo Hung's Iron Fisted Monk

  4. "Iron Fisted Monk" - wow, that's one pair of sharp eyes you have there. Many thanks. IFM was made in 1977, so I guess a 1978 release ties in nicely with when G.O.D was being filmed.

  5. The photo is too lo-res for me to read the characters, but the board on the right makes it appear to be one of the Gordon Liu San-te films. Something involving The 36th Chamber.

    1. Hi Reuben, I think anon got the right answer with Iron Fisted Monk. You can vaguely make out Samo Hung as the other character. Phil