Sunday, April 29, 2012

Flatfoot in Hong Kong - Bud Spencer (1975) - Kau Yi Chau, Western Harbour

Foiled at the ferry terminal, Flatfoot follows Chaplin to Macau by commandeering a helicopter (hence the last picture in the previous post). On his way we are treated to a view of what I assume is an American Aircraft carrier, junk boats in Aberdeen Harbour and finally a rather nice shot of Kau Yi Chau island - which lies about halfway between Hong Kong Island and Lantau.

Regular readers of my blog may also realise that Kau Yi Chau also goes by another name: Han's Island. It was the island used by Warner Bros featured on a B&W composite photo supposedly of aforementioned criminal mastermind's island fortress (the composite had King Yin Lei and the Palm Villa tennis courts superimposed). In Flatfoot in Hong Kong we see it 'au naturel' - as the green hilled uninhabited island that it is.

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