Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The World of Suzie Wong - William Holden (1960) - Telegraph Bay, Hong Kong

Here's one that totally flummoxed me until the nice chaps at Gwulo proffered a resolution. It shows Holden and Kwan wandering around a lovely piece of HK coastal countryside just after Lomax (Holden) has found out about Suzie's baby.

This was Telegraph Bay. Perhaps the name doesn't mean very much these days as it seems to be more commonly known by the name of a horrible development there that goes by the more modern moniker of Cyberport. I jest not. What was an idyllic rural part of the island (with a view over to Lamma Island in the background) has become one of HK's biggest developmental jokes.

The headland that you can see in the distance in the first screen cap now holds a rather large development known as Bel-Air on the Peak. Another wholly inappropriately named expensive apartment complex.

Bel-Air on the Peak 
(no, it's neither in Bel-Air nor on The Peak)

Why was this place called Telegraph Bay? Simple, it was the site where some early telegraph cables entered the water. The Chinese name is Dai Hau Wan (大口灣 - big mouth bay)

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